Powerful Automated Marketing

Discover what each contact wants and deliver the most effective message to convert them from visitors, to leads, to customers, to advocates.

Marketing automation workflow example
Add Triggers to initiate a workflow
Add and move Actions exactly where you want them.
Organize actions based on any number of conditions.

Email Marketing Automation

Discover what each contact wants and deliver the most effective message to convert them from visitors, to leads, to customers, to advocates.

Sales CRM

Your valuable customer data will be organized and actionable. Automatically consolidate your communication and use sales automation to drive deals forward.

Intelligent Sales CRM

Your valuable customer information is organized and actionable. Consolidate your team’s communication and use sales automation to drive deals forward.

Sales CRM Screenshot
View and track all deals associated with each contact.
Custom fields allow you to segment each contact to match your workflow.
View all activity of each contact, from e-mail opens to page views – in real time!

Email Marketing – Better Than You’re Used To

Send Beautiful Emails

Use our drag-and-drop campaign builder to design eye-catching campaigns. Personalize your message to engage your contacts and convert more customers.

Email marketing designer

On site engagement

Send personalized prompts to your website visitors as they browse your site. Trigger these messages to appear in response to their behavior to reinforce calls to action.

Site Messaging Screenshot

Reach them where they’re at

SMS text messages allow you to engage your contacts on their phone. Close to a 100% open rate, no matter where they are.

SMS Text Marketing

Data-backed decisions make life easy

All your customer data will be consolidated and organized so you have a complete picture of your customers and business. You’ll be able to gain the insight you need to drive your company forward.

Use Goals to Measure & Optimize

Create custom goals to learn the effectiveness of your processes and improve them over time.

Consolidate Data Into a Single Source

Bring third-party data in, organize it, and leverage it to personalize your marketing & sales processes.

Reveal Insight With Detailed Reports

Dig into your data to pinpoint opportunities for growth. You see exactly what is and isn’t working.

Big Data Reporting

Why choose New Vista Digital?

Chief Digital Officer as a Service

Secures access to customer experience knowledge and digital expertise on demand. Our expert consulting, strategy, and management will convert leads to customers to brand evangelists.

Every Bell & Whistle

We cringe when we see wasted time, resources, or money. Make sure you are taking advantage of every feature your tools have to offer.

Faster ROI

Our users report achieving a positive ROI in just 4 weeks. That’s less than half the 10 week average reported by users of other tools.

Combined Services

Combine your entire digital strategy and presence with our other services like creative, web development, SEO, PPC, and social media marketing.
Marketing Automation Dashboard

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I discovered the New Vista Platform and it was like a glorious breath of fresh air. The interface made sense without resorting to the help guide, composing a campaign could be done easily in minutes.

Jeremy D.Switched from Infusionsoft

When I saw what the New Vista Platform had to offer, I switched over from MailChimp almost right away.

Ashley G.Switched from MailChimp

This software has really transformed my small business. It's like having a full-time employee working for me 24/7. Maybe more like a team...

Richard M.Switched from Hubspot

I love the simplicity of adding fields to contacts – it was never this simple with Sales Force.

Kari H.Switched from SalesForce