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Marketing Automation
Built-in CRM
Sales Automation
Contact & Lead Scoring
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Drag & Drop Email Designer
Free Email Templates
Import Existing Contacts
Auto Responders
In-Depth Reporting
GEO Tracking
Segments & Conditional Content
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Custom User Permissions
Unlimited Sending³
Subscribe by SMS
Inbox Preview (Email Testing) Optional – Paid 5 Free/Mth 5 Free/Mth
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SMS Sending


Auto Import From Other Services
Subscription Forms Basic/Inline Only
Site & Event Tracking
Social Media Tools & Integrations
API & Web Hooks²
Database Sync
SMS Subscriptions

Support & Training

New Vista Marketing software sets your team up for success without having to hire new employees. We also offer one-on-one support with a dedicated account representative to help train your team, help with email design and automations, or take the reigns and fully manage your marketing. It’s up to you how much or little help you’d like from our team.
Dedicated account rep
Email Support
Managed Email Delivery
One-on-one Training 1/mth 3/mth
Custom email design service
In-depth onboarding consultation
Customized marketing strategy (with quarterly updates)
Automation strategy consultation
Rebranding (Change HTML/CSS of App)

² The free trial allows you to use our full API & Integrations but does not allow instant auto responders to be sent when using the API. We suggest using auto responders set to 1 hour or upgrading to a paid plan when instant auto responders are needed via the API.

³ Unlimited sending offered in paid plans up to 250,000 contacts.

Monthly packages or a-la-carte plans available for additional services.

I love the simplicity of adding fields to contacts – it was never this simple with Sales Force.

Kari H.Switched from SalesForce

When I saw what the New Vista Platform had to offer, I switched over from MailChimp almost right away.

Ashley G.Switched from MailChimp

This software has really transformed my small business. It's like having a full-time employee working for me 24/7. Maybe more like a team...

Richard M.Switched from Hubspot

I discovered the New Vista Platform and it was like a glorious breath of fresh air. The interface made sense without resorting to the help guide, composing a campaign could be done easily in minutes.

Jeremy D.Switched from Infusionsoft

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