How much does a website cost?

Well that depends. The short answer is, “never more money than it will make you.” We’ve built websites from $1k to over $200,000. So where should your project fall? To answer that, let us say something controversial:

It doesn’t really matter what you want…

What your users want is what matters.

Your website is not for you–it’s for your customers. While we care deeply about you, we care more about what your users want. What are their driving passions, pains, goals, etc. that will drive them to do business with you? The answer to that question is our obsession.

We start all our web design and development projects with a focus on usability. A beautiful website is great, but if it doesn’t answer your customers questions and meet their needs, then it’s not a valuable marketing tool.

Our architecture process is second to none. We completely re-architected the 8,000 pages for, and have migrated and re-organized sites with tens of thousands of products. We use digital psychology to know how your users will interact with your site, and design and architect the system based on their actions.

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