What is Website Design, exactly?

Web design is the “look and feel” part of your website. It’s the fonts, colors, layout, and images. The design is the primary factor that builds trust for your users. There are many reasons to consider redesigning your website, and we’d be happy to talk through if a new website is right for you.

When we take on a web design project, we’ll discuss what’s best for your business. Depending on the platform you’re building on (WordPress, Drupal, etc.) we like to design the site to better match the code base the site will be developed on. If you’re more comfortable having an in-house designer provide us with the mockups, we’re more than happy to work with your team to develop a custom site for you.

What does New Vista Digital website design look like?

Most agencies sell what they specialize in.

  • A WordPress developer is going to tell you WordPress is the best.
  • A Click Funnels consultant will recommend Click Funnels.
  • Of course a custom web shop is going to say a custom site is the way to go.

We believe each decision we recommend should be based on the needs of the client, not just one niche specialty or a menu of canned services. Because of this, we’ve designed simple Squarespace sites for startups to six-figure apps and everything in between.

Results from Our Designs


Percent increase in e-commerce conversions


Increase in Mobile Sales


Increase to Monthly Revenue

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