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We're happy to celebrate our wonderful clients. We saw 4 sites launched this week with zero downtime and vastly improved performance across the board.

One client, Curtainwall Design Consulting, had 3 separate websites for their different international businesses all migrated and launched successfully.

Another real estate developer, Coronado Development, launched their new site to give themselves a much-needed facelift.

Hosting Details

All websites are hosted and managed on Pantheon. They are an incredible platform optimized for Drupal and Wordpress. This gives our clients tons of flexibility and speed in rolling out new features and security updates, as well as some great test environments for their team to use to make changes without affecting the live sites.

There is also some great features that many other hosts don't offer:

  • Automated daily backups of each of their environments
  • Global CDN and object cache
  • Integrated version control
  • Auto-scaling container-based infrastructure to handle spikes in traffic

Do you need help with a migration or site launch?

We can help you launch a new site with zero downtime and increased reliability. Contact us or book a free meeting to talk about your project.