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Our agency offers a referral fee as a thank-you for introducing new clients. Nearly all of our business comes from word-of-mouth from happy clients. We're so grateful for everyone we serve.

In short, you receive 10% of the revenue for a year if they’re a client we don’t already know. On top of that, the person you refer will receive a $250 credit toward services rendered. You both win!

We pay you the referral fee each quarter, based on gross services revenue we collect from the client, within 30 days of each quarter-end, for the 12 months after the new engagement starts.

If your current employer prohibits receiving referral fees, we’re glad to treat you to dinner or offer another thank-you that doesn’t impact your conflict of interest requirements. You may receive a 1099 at year-end for referral fees paid.

What's a good referral?

Just a phone call. Either give them our number (719-639-1470) or tell them to expect a call.

Either way, with every free consultation people walk away with value and a good idea of the next step(s) to take.

Who is the ideal client?

If you're an existing client, then someone just like you!

Big picture: an organization that wants to scale and grow profitably, take digital off of their plate, automate parts of their business, find new revenue streams, or do a visual, brand, and SEO audit & overhaul.

In truth, we're happy to talk to everyone to at least get them pointed in the right direction, even if that's not with us. For some, Squarespace is a perfect fit. For others, you may need more of a strategic consultant. Either way, we're happy to serve.