Aiming for Growth

Apex Gun Parts conversion rates were half of what they should be. They needed someone with experience designing large e-commerce stores and improving conversion rates.

Let's talk numbers

We compared Apex Gun Parts data with average e-commerce numbers to set our targets (pun always intended).

On average, one can expect to see 67.91% of carts are abandoned and a 2.35% conversion rate.

After going over their analytics, we identified some huge opportunities by improving the design of the product pages, search, homepage, and navigation. Our target (pun) was to get them to at least the eCommerce average.

A facelift for the brand

Apex Gun Parts Logo Redesign

We refreshed their logo and branding. They have a ton of brand recognition as is, so we wanted to keep the core of the logo the same while bringing a bit more maturity and clarity to the type.

Apex Gun Parts color scheme

They were also lacking any brand guidelines, so we defined a primary color scheme for them. This served as the basis for our web design.

Before, Apex had a problem with customers not knowing where to go or how to find the parts they were looking for.


The new designs highlighted exactly who they are, what they do, and where customers should go.