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Website and Print Design for Animal Allergy & Dermatology

A fresh look to a growing company.

Animal Allergy & Dermatology of Colorado has honed in on a special corner of veterinary care. Their work begins where your family vet's ends. Their expertise comes wrapped in warmth and empathy for both the animals and the pet owners. They wanted a look and feel that communicated that.

Each animal and each case is unique. Our designs took their existing brand and colors and created a feeling of flexibility and personality. They are very high-tech, sparing no expense to be able to run labs and diagnostics in-house. The imagery we used helped lend credibility to their growing operation.

Out with the old...

...and in with the new

An SEO goldmine put to use

Animal Allergy possessed an index of almost every animal skin disease with descriptions, pictures, and the animals affected by them. This wasn't being put to work for them the way it could.

The website is now actively working for the office, not just sitting out there as a digital brocure.

We took this index and created a robust, searchable library of symptoms and treatments. Now, any pet owner who is searching for what's wrong with their specific breed of animal will likely land on this site and be directed to make an appointment.

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